Tournament Rules


  1. BEFORE YOU MAY REGISTER FOR ANY TOURNAMENTS, students must submit their Student Emergency Information and Team Standards Agreement Forms for the current year with student and parent signatures to the coach. No exceptions.
  2. With limited exceptions, any team member may register for any tournament.
  3. Students must register for tournaments by the date listed on the Tournament Schedule. Make sure to check the schedule at to stay up to date.
    • NOTE: If there is ever a discrepancy between information listed on the Touranment Schedule, a tournament's dossier, and/or that tournament's registration page, the registration page always takes precedence.
  4. Judging Requirements:
    1. Students are required to sign up with a parent or other adult to judge at all local tournaments.
      • For most tournaments, any person who is at least 18 years of age and who has graduated from high school is eligible to judge.
      • Not all judges who are registered will be required to attend. Judging obligations will be announced at least a week prior to the tournament.
    2. In the event that we have insufficient judging, parents of students who are not judging will be expected to cover any costs associated with hiring a judge or remove their stuedent from the tournament. If we are unable to hire sufficient judges, the team's participation in the tournament may be cancelled.
    3. For away tournaments, all judges registered must also be cleared by the school district as chaperones. See for more info about this process.



Before You Go

  1. For tournaments that require you to miss school, talk to your teachers to make sure you won’t miss any important tests or assignments. Your coach will notify the office to excuse the absences for any officially-sanctioned tournaments. Remember to keep up with your class work at the tournament; you will not be excused the day after a tournament no matter how tiresome it is.
  2. If assigned, remind your judge to attend.  Entries will be dropped if a judge does not show up.
  3. Come to the tournament prepared both physically and mentally to perform.  Get a good night’s rest the night before. Dress appropriately (see below).
  4. Bring the following with you to each tournament:
    1. All materials for your speech, including a copy of your script or oratory in case it is challenged (this is rare, but it does happen).
    2. Healthy food and water (or money to purchase some at the tournament)
  5. Be aware that tournaments do their best but do not always run on time. Be prepared to stay late if necessary.

Tournament Dress

No jeans or tennis shoes will be allowed during competition. Males should wear dress shirts (with collars), a business suit (or nice slacks if you do not own a suit), belts, dress shoes, and solid-color ties. Females should wear professional skirts, dresses, or pant suits. Hats are not permitted in rounds. Minimal jewelry is acceptable, but loose or dangly jewelry should be avoided. Proper hygiene (showering, deodorant, etc.) is expected. Duo performers often coordinate the color of shirts and/or ties, but it is not strictly necessary.

Typically, tournament attire is required through the awards ceremony.

Rules of Competition

  1. Always clean up after yourself. Make sure the team area is clean. Pick up garbage even if it isn’t yours. Remember, we are guests and should act like we want to be invited back in the future.
  2. NEVER enter a room at a tournament unless you are certain no one is speaking. Sometimes the tournament runs off schedule and rounds will still be going on even though the posting sheet says you should be in that room at that time.
  3. DO NOT enter a competition room without a judge present. You can be penalized for this.
  4. The following areas are off-limits to students:
    1. The tabulation ("tab") room. Stand at the door and ask for your coach (or just send me a text).
    2. The judges’ room. Call or text your parents or coach if you need them.
  5. NEVER ask a judge to reveal your score.
  6. It is your responsibility to make sure you get to your rounds on time. If you miss a round you may be dropped from the tournament.
    1. If you are entered in more than one concurrent event, ask your judge to allow you to leave the round early. Talk to both judges before the round if possible (most ballots will indicate this status to your judges, but always ask).
  7. DO NOT LEAVE the tournament without getting permission from your coach. We expect students to stay to the end of the tournament to support the winners from our school. While you wait for elimination rounds to finish you may watch other rounds of competition or complete school work.



  1. Students are generally expected to arrange their own transportation to and from tournaments. Carpooling is encouraged, especially with the parents who will be working as judges that day.
  2. Students should notify the coach when they arrive and leave from the tournament each day.
  3. Students are restricted to the campus and the restaurants/stores in the immediate vicinity of the tournament during the tournament and to the motel/hotel within a reasonable amount of time after competition is over each day. Students must not travel alone during a tournament and must notify their chaperone or coach when they leave and when they are returning (this way we can find you if there is a problem – it’s happened).




  1. Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in school in order to participate in away tournaments.
  2. Any necessary additional paperwork (such as tournament-specific liability release forms) must be turned in at least a week prior to the tournament or the student may be dropped.

Hotel Rules

  1. QUIET TIME IS 10 PM TO 7 AM. This means no practicing in your rooms, hallway, or the lobby after 10 pm unless you talk very quietly. People are actually trying to sleep and you need to be mindful of that.
  2. NO SLAMMING DOORS. If you need to leave your room during quiet time, make sure to hold the door so it closes gently.
  3. CURFEW IS 11:30 PM. Yes, that seems early, but we all need to try to actually get some sleep. You should not have any reason to be out of your rooms after this. We will be checking on you and calling parents if you're not there.
  4. NO RUNNING AROUND in the hallways, lobby, or other spaces, and no tossing or kicking balls or other sports equipment around.
  5. KEEP YOUR VOICES DOWN in the lobby area. I know you're having fun, but yelling over each other and raccous laughter is not a good way to represent the people we are.
  6. DO NOT LATCH DOORS OPEN. This is unsafe. An angry man burst into the room of some of our girls last year, and that wouldn't have been possible if they kept the door closed. You all have a room key - use it.
  7. NO BOYS IN GIRLS' ROOMS AND VICE VERSA unless a chaperone is present. You might not think so, but this is a very serious issue. I will forcibly remove you if I have to and call your parents to come pick you up.
  8. ALL COSTS FOR FOOD AND OTHER EXPENSES such as phone calls or pay TV are the responsibility of the student.


Last updated 3 September 2019