Extemp Practice Questions

USX Practice Questions for October

  1. How well has the Senate handled the Kavanaugh confirmation process?
  2. Do public figures have any effective protections against false accusations of misconduct?
  3. Are higher oil prices a serious threat to the US economy?
  4. What consequences will the emerging US-China trade war bring?
  5. Is the Democratic party experiencing an identity crisis?
  6. Should the United States increase the number of refugees it admits?
  7. Why does President Trump still not have the financing for his wall?
  8. Is it time for Robert Mueller to bring his investigation to a close?
  9. How is the partisan divide over which media sources to trust affecting our democracy?
  10. Will the GOP retain control of the House of Representatives in the midterms?



USX Practice Questions for September

  1. What are the biggest hurdles to Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation?
  2. Will the strong economy allow the GOP to retain control of Congress this November?
  3. Has President Trump kept his promise to invest in rebuilding America’s infrastructure?
  4. Is socialism the future of the Democratic Party?
  5. Is the federal government taking the right approach to aiding communities hit by wildfires?
  6. What explains the “pink wave” of female candidates for public office?
  7. Will President Trump’s affinity for tariffs ultimately help or harm the US economy?
  8. Is this November’s election safe from Russian meddling?
  9. Can the National Football League successfully balance player safety and fan appeal?
  10. What is Aretha Franklin’s legacy?



USX Questions for Hispanic Heritage Month (Sep-Oct)

  1. What should the Democratic Party do to mobilize Hispanic voters this November?
  2. How can the Republican Party best grow its support among Hispanic voters?
  3. How should the United States deal with those seeking asylum from troubled Latin American nations?
  4. Should the United States place greater restrictions on family reunification?
  5. What should K-12 schools do to help English language learners excel?
  6. How should K-12 social studies curriculum place more a greater emphasis on Hispanic history and culture?
  7. Are President Trump’s policies causing a shortage of agricultural labor?
  8. How can the federal government do more to promote Latino/a/x entrepreneurship?
  9. What should be done to improve college graduation rates for Latino/a/x students?
  10. How can allies better support Hispanic communities?



IX Practice Questions for October

  1. Does the UN Human Rights Council make a difference?
  2. Should the Afghan government pursue a political settlement with the Taliban?
  3. Is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s hatred of Iran justified?
  4. How can democracies safeguard their elections from external interference?
  5. What are the biggest barriers to improving relations between North and South Korea?
  6. Should the US increase pressure on South Sudan’s government to end its civil war?
  7. Is the US-China relationship at risk of unraveling?
  8. Is President Trump’s “America First” foreign policy undermining or enhancing U.S. national security?
  9. What can the international community do to protect the Arctic environment?
  10. Should the United States place greater emphasis on good relations with Canada?



IX Practice Questions for September

  1. How likely is Korean reunification to occur in the next ten years?
  2. What are the greatest challenges facing Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan?
  3. Should the US be making more of an effort to rebuild its relationship with Turkey?
  4. How will the economic crisis in Venezuela impact Latin America in 2018?
  5. How should Pope Francis respond to the Pennsylvania report on child sexual abuse?
  6. Should the US change its policy toward the civil war in Yemen?
  7. To what degree has Greece recovered from its financial crisis?
  8. Is Russia a threat to the Baltic nations?
  9. What reforms should Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed seek in Ethiopia?
  10. Will President Trump come to regret pulling the US out of the Iran nuclear deal?